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are you growing your spiritual muscle?

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on May 2, 2017 at 3:30 PM

 Have you ever been to the gym or worked out beyond what you feel you can handle and then you wake up the next day sore? That is because your muscles tear when you work out. Now you may think well thats not good pastor, but in reality it is. In order for your muscles to grow larger they have to tear first. The same thing applies to us in the spirit, how in shape are you in the spirit, are you flexing your spiritual muscles or are you a weakling that can be blown away by the wind? Remember if your not feeling the strain your not working  hard enough, you should always challenge yourself in the spirit because it keeps you from becoming complacent. And how do you do that, you read your word, pray without ceasing, fast, help those in need, evangelize, get involved in your local ministry, grow in your gifts and prepare or the storms ahead.

WAIT! WHAT STORMS? with spiritual growth comes advancement, and when you advance in god the enemy looks to knock you down. so be prepared! Pastor patrick is a master when it comes to preparing when natural disasters arise, he ties everything down so it doesnt fly away, salts before snow storms, makes sure were always stocked on water, batteries, flash lights, non electric chargers and radios, etc. and we get through storms simply, even tho the winds blow and the power goes out we dont fear and keep everything under control. Take this example and apply it in the spirit and even the fiercest storm the enemy throws at you will seem like a mere drizzle!

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