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Take Your Best Shot

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on May 2, 2017 at 10:55 PM

Do you know how powerful you are?

Are you sure?

God made you more powerful than you think.

in reality you are a powerful landmine to the enemy, you can blow him out of your circumference if he gets too close! its sad many christians dont realize this power that god has bestowed upon them, the enemy presents them a situation and they fall subject to it. they just live day to day as if it cant change. but this is where they are wrong, they can TELL their body, their mind, their situation, their job, etc. how its going to go, where it is going to go and when its going to go and your words are so powerful the enemy cant even resist or deny.

when your righteous mindset and your word come on one accord, nothing can keep those words from manifesting, but notice we said righteous, selfish fleshly mindsets the lord will withhold if he so chooses.

Lets take a look at the book of ruth as an example. Naomi, Ruth and Boaz are a famous example of favor in the bible but it didnt start that way. Naomi and ruth moved out of naomis home land because of famine. Naomis husband and two sons, one of which ruth was married to, died. Naomi became very bitter hence her self proclaimed nickname mara.and dispite her attempts to send ruth home, she would not leave her. (much like how elisha would not leave elijah despite the fact that he was rude, crude and constantly tried to remove himself from elisha). both ruth and elisha refused to be swayed by the way their situations looked, their only thoughts were, GOD WILL BLESS ME.

God was about to bless naomi and ruth greater than they could ever imagine.

in ruth 2:1-12 listen to how boaz acknowledges everything ruth has done for him in the field and how he acknowledged everything she lost and went through. and made sure she was protected, fed, favored and full of blessing.

in ruth 3:1-11 listen to all the blessings boaz declares over ruth because of her obedience and godly nature.

in ruth 4:1-12 listen to the ten witness' declare the blessing over boaz and ruths marriage.

in ruth 4:17-end we see the major blessing that bloomed from their hardship, they set up the lineage for jesus to come forth later in the bible!


learn from ruth and elisha, make a decision what your outcome will be, despite what your situation looks like now, the greater comes later. All the headship in our church can verify this truth, we have all been appointed our tests and trials and the enemy had taken his best shot, but everytime we had prevailed, why? because we made our decisions how our situations would end and we declared it outloud!

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