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Ladies! God Made You Extraordinary!

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on May 15, 2017 at 10:30 PM

Matthew 1:18- end


Moms. They aren’t born that way. They are born as woman. Some would think that being born a man or being born a woman is a standard thing, nothing extraordinary. And to an extent your right, its been happening for thousands of years, generation after generation, humans give birth to humans and animals give birth to animals. And this just so happened to one average woman, very young around her teens. She was known in her town as a plain, simple, good girl, who comes from a good family and is engaged to a good, well known man with a good reputation. Same old right? Wrong! God was planning on taking that very simple, plain woman and make her the most blessed woman on the planet, he chose her to carry the messiah, but he wanted the world to be one hundred percent unable to deny he was the one who did it. He impregnated her by the holy spirit and he did it before she was married to her husband, which caused her to be looked at poorly, no one believed her, not even her fiancée at first. He had to have his own visitation with god before he came to terms with it. so now we have a previously ordinary woman who is walking through town, pregnant, not married, fiancée debating whether he wants to stay with her, mocked by her townspeople, shamed and disgraced her family, probably feeling guilt and shame she was not required to feel, because she did nothing wrong. And just when she thought that was bad enough a king in a neighboring kingdom was looking to kill all the young born sons in fear his kingdom would be stripped from him and her unborn son and she was looked at as a prime target to be murdered. But none the less she wore that coat for 9 months and carried that birth to term through the torment and pain. Not to mention their were no epidurals back then, or hospitals okay? You gave birth on some towels and a cold dirt floor. And despite all the negativity that was going on, god planned jesus’ grand arrival so extravagantly, from where to have it, to having wise men bring him priceless gifts and a star shining just right over his birth and having angels rejoicing in the heavens as he crowned. At that point was she truly considered extravagant, extraordinary, why, not just because she brought our savior into the world but because she became a mom who beat all odds. And that’s not even the end of the story, this woman may have had the savior as a son, but she still had to feed him, teach him the basics, to walk, to talk. To confirm his purpose here on the earth, to build his relationship with the father and as she did that and has he gained in wisdom and power through the father she had to learn to learn from him. I would imagine her life raising the messiah was like something you would not see everyday. Living with Christ was like living constantly on your toes. Anyhow….

Lets look at another example,


Luke 1:5-25


Here we see a woman and a man both married, righteous before god, no kids yet because the woman’s womb was shut, but god was going to take this woman and completely change her life. But before he did it, look at what her life was like beforehand. Sure she had a husband and sure he was a priest and he was great at his job and finances were okay, but she herself had something medically wrong with her where she could not bear children. And at that time, that’s what determined a woman’s worth. So in the eyes of her peers, she was considered worthless. Worthless. Meanwhile she is getting word by the lord that her cousin miles away is going to conceive and is having not only a baby, but the messiah by the same god that she has been praying to so she can conceive. I want you to get inside the potential thoughts that may have raced through her head. And granted the word never mentions her doubting gods power, but maybe her husband did. And maybe that’s why god silenced him until his son was born. So now we see God change the scenario, we see he tells Abagail shes going to have a son, and not only that shes going to have a boy but he even picked out the name. and he started showing Abagail what his life was going to entail, being looked at as an essential stepping stone to receiving salvation and serving the coming king Christ. And him being the reason many believe in Christ and become baptized. And that she, she was going to be the mother to a son who baptized our savior and witnessed the descent of the holy spirit upon him, an akward hairy, young man who enjoyed the taste of wild honey and crickets and was going to pave the path for christs entry in the earth and would be decapitated because of his righteousness. Imagine she got to be the mother of this amazing man, she got her prayer answer, was healed of barenness and the title of worthless being stripped from her and got to bring a son into the earth, but no average son, a special, important, essential child. And all the while jesus was holding the tongue of zecharias until his perfect plan was complete. Imagine her absolute joy. She became extraordinary, as did her husband, her son, her cousin and nephew.


And this is where I wanted to take the sermon. Ladies all of you are considered extraordinary because you have given birth. Because you have brought another life onto the earth and you allowed gods divine plan he had predestined for them to play out according to his plan. That is why God sees you blessed. We have a special blessing ladies because guess what? God made it so you could carry a second life sometimes even a third or fourth within you and carry it for extended periods of time and provide food for the growing child from yourselves and men im sorry but you can not do that. And he has blessed you women with extraordinary skills and giftsets, to teach, how to do things, what to do, what not to do. He causes you to be able to multi task so that your family may lack absolutely nothing. He gives you wisdom in how to maintain finances, how to discipline, how to fix things that are broken or lacking. He gives you an unusual amount of strength, endurance, and stamina to get up early and prepare all you have to do for the long day ahead of you. He gives you an unthinkable amount of grace and mercy and love that you in turn pour onto us the children. He gives you this power and authority to mold your children and push them in the direction they go. And in turn your children honor you just because you truly deserve it.


Ephesians 6:1-3


What does it mean to honor?


To highly respect/to esteem. In the greek it means to hear. To listen and to observe. And how do we show our moms we respect them? By loving them and listening to them and being obedient to them. And I can imagine that those of you that honored your mother turned out pretty well put together huh?

Tell me if any of these sound familiar….

Don’t touch that, youll hurt yourself!

Don’t touch that you don’t know where its been!

Don’t jump on that!

Don’t run in the house!

Don’t pick that scab it will get infected!

Don’t make me get up!

Don’t pick your nose in public!

Don’t eat that youll get worms!

Eat your vegetables so you can grow nice and strong!

Be good!

Clean up after yourself!

Its bed time!

Keep clean undies with you at all times in case you have an accident!


And im sure a lot of you are smiling because you have either said that before or have been a child and heard it!

And I encourage you today if you are a mom to continue to be that extravagant extraordinary person that god has made you like in proverbs 31 (Read).

And if you are a child, treasure your mother she became extraordinary when she gave birth to you and you became blessed by god when you chose to honor your mother and father and follow after their example. And god will reward you with long life and it will be well with you!

Proverbs 19:26-27

Proverbs 6:20-21

Proverbs 1:8-9

Deuteronomy 5:16

Exodus 20:12


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