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No Vacation for You, how hungry are you pt. 2

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on June 20, 2017 at 2:35 PM

As we grow in the christian faith we watch people get healed, delivered and set free and you should know the enemy sees it too! And he is laying seeds to distract you and to occupy your flesh and to get your focus off of the spirit of God.

We as christians operate in error when we let our flesh rule. what does it look like when we let our flesh rule? its when other things become more important than God. Social media, food, shopping, our jobs, relationships, talents, addictions, etc. all of these things can be used as something that can occupy our flesh and get our focus off of god. and we need to know that  anything that god sees you put before him will be stripped away from your life. And as we advance and grow in the spirit of god those fleshly desires become stronger, it'll become strong to the point where you will want to have a baby fit on the floor because you want what you want, how you want when you want it, but you know you should not have it, because it will tamper with gods anointing.

Luke 5:17-26

Be hungry to be in Jesus' presence.  We can imagine how the man in the bible got paralyzed, but we dont know how it truely happened or how long he had suffered the paralysis and why. But we do know he had a few really great friends who were desperate on his behalf and went beyond the call of duty to see him get healed. And let me tell you Jesus responded to their desperation! he saw their faith and dedication and was moved with compassion because they cared so much and desired to see him get healed by the healer!

How much faith do you have? are you like the men who broke through the roof and lowered their paralyzed friend down? do you have the faith it takes to remove your infirmities and illnesses. what are willing to trade in your walkers and canes for today? Remember God does indeed respond to your faith and desperation for him, he wont leave you especially when you need him the most.

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