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Pray and Praise God Through Captivity

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on June 20, 2017 at 3:50 PM


You may not be locked up in a natural jail cell, but many of you are in bondage. And if you are subject to bondage you should be praising him despite that. Do you ever question what it is you can do? Are your eyes stuck in the natural and on your incapabilities? do you often repeat, I can't do this because... I can't do that because..... I can't, i can't, I can't, its too hard, its too difficult, i don't know how, etc?

Listen, when your held captive and you have no where left to move what are you left to do? but bless the lord while your stuck! isn't that what paul did? Change your perspective, don't look through your natural eyes, look through your spiritual eyes. pay attention to what you focus on.

is your focus on the king or is it on the circumstances that distract you?

Remember the lord does not  give you more than you can handle, and gods not a man that he should lie, so if this is true why as christians aren't we walking in it?

and even when your hands are tied, count it all joy. he has a purpose and a reason for it. and when you still can't see it remember Meschach, Shadrach and Obednego. they refused to worship the golden image, the flesh, their situation in the natural, and instead chose to trust the lord through their circumstance. and they were mighty blessed because the spirit of God was present with them in the fire. Praise God!

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