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Armorbearer Check List

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on October 23, 2017 at 3:35 PM

September 26th 

We broke back into the Armorbearing book by Terry Nance, and at the end of chapter 2 there is a checklist used by armorbearers to make sure they are on point with the lord and the leadership over them. a few questions will come up like these below....

do you know your pastors vision for their ministry?

do you help them develop and complete that vision?

are you beside them when they need you most?

do you remain vigilant of possible threats to your leaderships safety as soon as they arise?

do you refresh, encourage and want to see your leader to their advancement?

do you put their wellbeing before your own?

are you willing to change your schedule to accomodate your leader?

do you perform the tasks asked of you swiftly and completely?

do you anticipate your leaders needs and have an eye for detail?

So how'd you do? these are just a few characteristic a person with a strong armorbearing spirit will carry and should carry in order to help carry your leader to success in god's will.


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