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Your importance in the body of christ

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on October 23, 2017 at 3:50 PM

September 30th

the importance of your role in the body of Christ.

the body has many parts, and believe it or not, each part is valueble and has a purpose. As being part of the body of christ their are things we must be reminded of to truely keep the body functioning in unity. think about it for a minute, what would happen if the heart stopped beating? or the stomach stopped digesting? or the eyes stayed closed? and what would happen if the eyes tried to be an ear? or an ear tried to be a foot? or a food tried to be a hand? Not a very successful body, huh?

Not envying other roles and positions is a biggie! God gave you your part in the body and nobody can do it better than you! Realize despite the rank in your role, big or small, hidden or out front, glorious or disgusting, God has ordained it and it has a purpose. And be prepared to cover your brothers and sisters when they need someone to lean on, in other words like a regular body not every part is to be seen. that is why we use clothing to cover them, and when the parts are internal we use skin and ribs and muscle to cover the vital parts. if your job is to be skin, muscle or bone, cover and remain strong your brethren need you the most to be successful!


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