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what it means to be a fisher or men in ministry

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on October 24, 2017 at 11:15 AM


Be a Fisher of men

Matthew 4:18

Notice, The disciples didn't even ask what Jesus meant by being "fishers of men". They followed Jesus' lead and watched the rest unfold.


Being a fisher of men can mean different things for different ministries and regions. Each church is different and meets the needs of each region they are in.


For Example, We cover those who are lost broken and need a reprieve. Notice people will come to our church to get what they don't get elsewhere. And it's not made to be a bad thing, each ministry caters to a different needs, what we provide may not be in their call.


We are put in specific ministry with specific gifts to minister to specific people that God has called.


We (ministries) work as a team, one catches, one cleans, one seasons, one cooks. To better explain this metephor our pastor used fish as an example, their are steps to take to properly cook a fish, you need to catch it, clean it (remove bones and organs), season it (salt, old bay, all purpose seasoning, etc) and then cook it to perfection.


Ministers need to know what is going to catch their fish. What bait metaphorically will lure them in.


Babies need self help gentle ministries. Because they are still on the bottle. Others need stronger ministry because they are ready for meat in small pieces. Some may need strong nitty gritty deliverance ministry because they have grown to eat the meat on their own.


None are more important than the next.


We need to remember that One misstep can disrupt the kingdom work. One cannot clean who are supposed to cook. Stay focused on your call. And we can't all be the same type of ministry. Who would catch, who would clean, who would season, who would cook. If they lose sight, fish won't get caught, the shard bone will be left in and will be a choking hazard and if not seasoned will be left bland and raw. We want to make sure that the people we recieve into our ministries get what they need to complete their walk in christ.


Galatians 2:7-9


Only Jesus can be all to all people, so remember to stay focused on feeding them the most important information. Jesus! what we cannot do to help them Jesus can!


1 Corinthians 12


This sermon ties back into tuesdays sermon. and to corrolate them lets look at paul and peter.....


Paul covered the gentiles and Peter covered the Jews and together they covered everyone's needsTheir end result was the same although their functions were different.

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