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You are Wheat on the Threshing Floor!

Posted by Michelle and Patrick Ruscoe on October 24, 2017 at 11:30 AM



Do u ever think what you go through is for your advancement? not just to discourage you or to displace you, but to sift and refine you as a person.


My pastor had a vision one day of a sifter sifting and flour coming out the bottom. an important question for us to ask is what it means to sift...


To sift- to separate something with a siv, like flour wheat powder etc. To strike send and seperate.


In old days they'd use a burlap bag and shake it very hard. On the threshing floor they had a protocol to separate barley. they beat the bag until the barley seperated.


and then while she was preaching, the word that came to mind was to refine. But what does refine mean?


Def. Of refine- to purify, to separate what is purified from what is unnatural or not acceptable.

God looks to refine us and remove the things in life that hold us back, negative relationships, addictions, negative mindsets, sicknesses, etc.


Matthew 13:24-30


God is not done with you yet, whether you think your done or not. He had a harvest time set for you! be patient and wait on god, he will bring everything into perspective in his own perfect timing. so if you are waiting for something to fall away of imperfection continue to work on it with the lord.


Luke 22:31-34

When you have returned to me..... that implied peter tried to fight the fight of faith and failed. He didn't succeed, the devil pulled peter away at one point. He was wheat being sifted in the bag being thrown about. At times we will fall away and struggle in staying on the straight and narrow. And we will think that god has removed himself from our presence, but we need to know sometimes he does it just to refine us, maybe he wants us to learn something, maybe it is to help bring something to our awareness that we overlook, some times its to break us of bondage, never the less god has his reasons, we need to pay attention and when we have obtained what he needs us to obtain to get back on the straight and narrow path.


And remember, Not all who feel like a tare, are actually a tare, rather they are wheat, but the revelation does not come until they are fully developed.

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